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For over 30 years, Classic Air Medical has been providing air medical transport in the states of Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico and Wyoming. We have a reputation for excellent patient care and safety as we provide critical care air transport from rural hospitals and emergency scenes.

Our experienced medical teams utilize specialized skills to meet the complex needs of the patients we serve. Requesting agencies depend on our ability to utilize all possible resources to meet the logistical demands unique to rural emergency care.

Scene Work


Classic Air Medical provides a safe, rapid and professional response; one that can continually meet the unique scene and inter-facility transport.


Our team at Classic is dedicated to providing the finest air medical care to the locations, residents and visitors of the communities we serve.


Our air medical response and transport capabilities are supported by our professional communications center that is staffed around the clock by.


24-hour emergency and non-emergency service, highly skilled flight crews, modern helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and state-of-the-art equipment.

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