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Individual: With health insurance

Married Couple: With health insurance

Household Family Plan: With health insurance
Special group rates are available for companies and organizations who are interested in purchasing memberships for their employees or members. Please call Classic Air Medical business office at: 1-800-444-9220 to discuss these options.


Individual Plan: Payment covers individual for one year. Household Family Plan: Payment covers Parent(s) and children living in the household.

Membership benefits take effect one day after receipt of a completed application with payment of the annual fee. In the event of a medically necessary transport all payments received by the patient for the transport are transferred to Classic Air Medical as payment for services. Sources of those payments may include health, medical, auto, supplemental insurance, workers compensation, and liability plans and policies.

The Classic Air Medical’s Membership Plan is open to everyone at an affordable price. To qualify, a patient must have medical insurance: • Minimizes out-of-pocket costs for emergency air transportation to the patient. • Classic will work with the patient’s medical insurance company to help with all billing issues.


1) Purpose: This subscription membership program is designed to allow Classic Air Medical to provide members with a reliable and available air ambulance service in exchange for advanced financial support from you. Classic Air Medical will not charge any subscribing member for co-payment and deductible amounts that are otherwise billable on a pre-transport basis, as allowed by law. Your participation in this program will completely discharge all financial liability incurred by the use of Classic Air Medical’s aircraft but is designed that part of your financial liability resulting from co-payment and deductible expenses. Please note that this subscription membership is not designed to be an insurance contract of any type, and does not guarantee ambulance services will be provided by Classic Air Medical.

2) Membership: “Subscribing members” (all persons listed in your application materials) are entitled to the use of Classic Air Medical emergency transport aircraft, when medically necessary, and based upon availability of resources, without being responsible for co-payment and deductible amounts that are typically charged to cover amounts that are not paid by insurance. This waiver of copayment and deductible obligation only applies to persons listed on the membership application. This subscription program does not apply to persons receiving medical benefits. Membership benefits take effect one day after receipt by Classic Air Medical’s business office of a completed application and associated payment of the annual membership fee.

3) Payment: Subscribing Members are responsible for initial payment of the annual membership fee as outlined on these membership application materials. The member will not be responsible for any other payments for air ambulance services where insurance makes primary payment and you would not otherwise be responsible for co-payment and deductible payment. Classic Air Medical will submit bills directly to your insurance payment of air ambulance services that are provided. If a subscribing member receives payment for an air ambulance service directly from an insurance company, such payment must be turned over to Classic Air Medical . It is improper and illegal to keep reimbursement received for air ambulance provided by Classic Air Medical . Subscribing members are expected to cooperate with Classic Air Medical in all collection efforts, and recognize that Classic Air Medical may initiate legal action against a patient/subscriber for failure to pay Classic Air Medical for amounts he or she may be responsible for.

4) Emergency Transportation: I understand that air ambulance transportation covered in this membership is limited to emergency transport to the closest appropriate medical facility that is deemed “medically necessary” by the applicable insurance plan in which I am enrolled.

5) Non-Emergency Services: I understand that membership includes access to pre-scheduled non-emergency air ambulance transport that is medically necessary (as determined by Classic Air Medical and/or applicable insurance). Non-emergency service is subject to availability of staff and equipment, and emergency transports always have priority. 24-hour advanced notice and physician authorization may be required for non emergency services. This is an additional service that is available, but not guaranteed based upon subscription membership. Preauthorization and/or physical certification may be required to demonstrate that air ambulance transport is warranted.

6) Service Area: Service Area: Classic Air Medical will pick up patients for transport in Arizona, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming. Ground transportation may need to be provided by the patient/primary care provider to an airport that meets the requirements to support Classic Air Medical’s aircraft.

  • Safety

    Advanced avionics, Night vision goggles, Highly experienced pilots, Modern aircraft

  • Capability

    Nurse/Medic teams, Rapid response times, Rough terrain access

  • Availability

    On duty 24/7/365, Back up aircraft, Membership plan

  • Locations

    Whether you live in Utah, Arizona, Wyoming or Colorado. We got you covered.

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