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We recognize the financial difficulty unexpected medical problems can cause. It is our goal to serve you with compassion, courtesy, respect and confidentiality. Our Patient Advocates are available to help you out every step of the way.

We understand that time is of the utmost importance for our patients. Therefore, we have developed an online payment portal to reach your needs.  For Frequently Asked Questions and to access our online payment portal please see below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I call with questions about billing?


The Patient Financial Services Department is available to help Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Standard Time. Written correspondence can be sent to: Classic Air Care ATTN: Billing Dept. 1010 No. 500 East #200 No. Salt Lake, UT. 84054

Direct extensions, based on the patient’s last name can be directed to the correct representative at the numbers listed:

A-D, L, M please call: 801-383-3689

All other alpha-characters please call: 801-383-3681

No Insurance please call: 801-383-3686

I have multiple health insurance companies. How do I know who to bill? 

Coordination of benefit rules apply. Contact both your insurance companies for help in determining the proper order for billing. Links below may also be referenced:


Department of Insurance – Consumers (

States outside of Utah, please refer to your State Department of Insurance website.


If my insurance doesn’t consider Classic Air Care as a preferred provider, will you bill my insurance?

If Classic has insurance information on file we do bill all insurance carriers. If your insurer does not include Classic Air Care as a preferred provider, you may be billed for non-covered charges or be responsible for reduced benefits. Please review your statement that will show which insurance carrier was billed, and if changes are needed, contact our office as soon as possible. Please contact your carrier to verify your coverage and/or benefits.

What if my insurance company does not authorize or cover services?

You will be responsible for charges your insurance company does not authorize or cover.

Why aren’t all services covered by my insurance company?

Under any plan, there may be services that are not covered because the insurance company may consider them unnecessary, as an exclusion of your policy, non-covered, or any other numerous reasons. If you disagree with the decision, you should contact your insurance company for more information, and our office is happy to help in these types of situations.

What if my claim is denied?

We are happy to help in any way to resolve claim issues including appeal letters, reconsiderations, advice or to answer any other questions or concerns you may have. The insurance contract you have in place, however, is between you and your insurance company. The insurer/patient have more advantages at having a denial overturned. We encourage you to review your SPD (Summary Plan Description) from your insurance company and determine the best course of action for your denied claim. In addition, Classic is happy to do anything that may be of assistance.



What should I do if my insurance sends its payment directly to me?

There are insurance offices that will send the payment directly to you, the patient, (or the insured), for services rendered. If the patient or the insured should receive these funds, please immediately forward the check (endorsing the back of the check as follows: “endorsed to Classic Air Care/Lifeguard provider of services”) with a copy of all correspondence that was included with the check. Please know that Classic will employ all legal remedies available to recover the funds to which it is legally entitled to for medical services rendered.

Why do I still owe a balance if my insurance company has paid?

Based on your insurance plan, you may be responsible for denied claims, deductibles, copays and co-insurance for fees not covered by your insurance company

What does allowable amount or usual and customary mean? How does this effect my balance owing?

The usual and customary fee schedule (or “allowed amount”) is set up so that non-contracted providers are supposed to be reimbursed at a rate comparable to other HMO reimbursements in the same geographical area. Insurance coverage varies among insurers and policies. Many insurance companies limit payments using a fee schedule of “usual, customary and reasonable” (UCR) allowances. Classic Air Care fees may differ from insurance companies’ fee schedules. The patient is responsible for charges that exceed the usual and customary amount. Classic Air Care is happy in assisting with SCA (single case agreement) requests to help achieve a higher reimbursement on your claim, however without the insured’s/patient’s assistance in these types of issues, it is very difficult to achieve. You’re responsible for payment of your account, including balances due to UCR limitations.

My transport was related to an automobile accident, do you bill my auto carrier for services?

If your transport is related to an auto accident we must process/bill claims with your auto insurance before we can bill your health/medical insurance, including just for the denial so your health insurance company will cover your transport. Multiple insurance coverages can cause additional delays and confusion in the processing times. In the event you have more than one insurance policy please give equal attention to both insurance companies so that they may correctly and promptly coordinate benefits with each other as well as with the patient and/or insured.


If I receive services because of an accident at work, will you send the claim to my employer?

Due to confidentiality, we are unable to send bills directly to your employer. However, we will send claims directly to your employer’s Workers Comp carrier. We will need their name, address and claim number. You may take your bill to your employer and work directly with your human resources department.

Will I receive more than one bill for my air ambulance transport service?

You will receive a monthly statement until the charge has been brought to a zero balance. Due to the high dollar amount, sometimes claims processing can be a lengthy process and the statements are a reminder that Classic needs your help to have your insurance company process your claim for payment. If you receive a bill, we suggest your contact your insurance company first with insurance concerns and any follow up issues can be directed to our billing department.


What if I can’t pay my bill?

Classic Air Care has payment plans to assist you with your bills. After exhausting all other payment options, you may be eligible for financial assistance on your air transport bill. For assistance, contact our office.

Can I make payment arrangements on my Classic Air Care bills?

Payment arrangements are best made by contacting us at the telephone number listed on your statement.

I’ve received multiple statements. Whom do I call with questions?

If you have insurance, your first point of contact should be with them, the member service phone number is listed on the back of your insurance card. Once you have contacted them and they have answered all your questions, you can call our office at 801-295-5700 and we are happy to help in any way to resolve any claim issues that may be happening. If you do not have health insurance, please call our office to see what options are available.

Will Classic Air Care contact my insurance for precertification or authorization?

Normally emergency services do not require authorization; however, every insurance plan is different, we suggest you or a representative call your insurance to respond to any authorization concerns.

How much will my insurance pay for my transport?

We are unable to give you a quote on the amount your insurance is going to pay. We recommend calling your insurance carrier for this information.

I received a letter from my insurance company or hospital indicating other insurance information is needed or accident information is needed. What should I do? 

You need to contact your insurance company to provide them with the requested information. Many insurance companies require a written response and will not take information verbally. It is your responsibility to follow-up with your insurance company as we cannot act on your behalf in these cases to obtain payment. As a reminder all claims have timely issue constraints, this type of situation needs to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid a claim denial.

I have a membership with your company, does this mean my flight is free?

No. The Classic Air Care membership is designed to eliminate out-of-pocket costs for air transportation. Our office will bill your insurance company first and with your help, we will coordinate with the health insurance company to process your claim correctly. Any insured and/or patient cost share (after insurance payment), will be covered by the purchased membership. A Classic membership is only valid on claims that have a remaining cost share (after your insurance company has paid their portion). If your insurance company denies the air ambulance claim for any reason, the membership will not cover the denied charges; however, please be aware our office makes every effort to help get any erroneous denied claims overturned.

I have further questions regarding the membership program, how do I contact that department:

Please call 800-444-9223 for any membership questions.

I have an unpaid balance that is now listed with your collection agency. How can I remove this item from my credit report and who is your collection agency?

Once an account is listed with our collection agency, you will need to contact them to arrange payment, or to answer any questions regarding your account. Please know our office only sends accounts to collections due to lack of insured/patient effort. We are happy to work with you for as long as possible to resolve an outstanding claim. We do ask for payments of good faith on the outstanding balance while any issues are being resolved.

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